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WikiQuals Song

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You’re in the basement

Sucking up your medicine

We’re on the pavement

Making up the Government

The man in the Boss Suit

Quids In but Laid off

Says he’s got a bad debt

Wants you to pay it off

Look out kids

Not something you did (do something)

God rolls dice

But you get sliced

Come on duck down this alley way (to go)

We’ll find you a new friend

Get collaboration

Any small place

Don’t need big bills

Just what? you got

Maggie caused bad luck

Shameful black soot

Now we’ve got heat spots

So Insulate the future

Planets ruined anyway

We say and many say

We might be bust

Early in the new year

Look out kids

Not something you did (1/99)

Put your foot in

Do something different

Stay away from all those (REFLECT)

Who carry on with shopping (CHANGE)

Get your nose dirty

Blow away the snotty


You only need a WikiQual

To know what it is you wanna do


We’re sick Get Well!

Don’t need an oil well

Ring bells, make change

Got nothing to sell

Try hard, get barred

Go again, be change

No jail, no bail  (Go again)

Dont wail, just fail

Look out kids

Not something you did (1/99)

Not losers, not cheaters

Be users, create futures

Make your own theatre

In anticipation

Lookin’ for new tools

Don’t follow leaders

It’s all participation

Ah get born, keep warm

Share love, share time,

Get active, pro active

Be your own success

Please them, be false, buy life (Don’t)

Don’t create, don’t gift

Twenty years of schoolin

And they tell you that it’s your fault (Not)

Think Up kid

Don’t keep it all hid

Better make your own WikiQuals

Light your own candle

Show what you can do

Yourself thru and thru

Don’t haveta be a bum

Create and have fun

Pump your own change

COZ the bankers took the handles 1/99

                                            You show know WikiQuals

You only need a WikiQual.

To show what it is your gonna do

You only need a WikiQual.

To know what it’s you wanna do

After Subterranean Savoy Blues;



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