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WikiQuals Aim; 

Brief overview of research question-main objectives of research;

Research by ‘being’ the ’embodied’ researcher.

Spring 2018, sadly this whole country always has wanted its infrastructure digital or otherwise ‘on the cheap’, if they can find someone else to ‘wear the expense’ they will…thus it is/was with FB, an American platform of a somewhat down market nature ideally aimed at the small business person (nothing wrong with that imo), let Americans do as they do, they don’t always get it wrong and money isn’t inherently ‘bad’. One of the Facebookers is even apparently trying to get basic income set up for the Yanks (according to Business Insider), let them find their way as a society and shame on the numpties who run this place for thinking they can have it all with absolutely no consequence, social cost or fall-out (Cambridge ‘Analytica’ so-called scandal 2018).

As always, plenty of projects on the go, hoping to start gaining some accreditation in ‘listening skills’ so I can practice as a ‘counsellor’, Beccles job centre appear to be doing quite a good job amidst the debacle that is the ‘Maybot’ administration.

I am also pleased to be on Richard Rohr’s mailing list, a progressive Franciscan who apparently operates out of Alberquerce New Mexico and have signed up to some webinar or other which they may or may not give me a scholarship for.

My second novel will be published at the end of the year, I am shaping up as some sort of  modern day Agatha Christie, if I can write a play that has as long a run as ‘The Mouse Trap’ I will die happy.

Glad Fred is carrying on with it all and looking forward to aiding and abetting the ‘grass roots’ in the Waveney Valley!

Education in this country at present is fairly forked, something that is ‘done’ to people, rather than anything that I would want to have much to do with.

We run #Mendhamwriters every few weeks in Munnings country if that is your thing, come along!

Find me on all the usual (anti) social networks). @prisoner_2017


LJO April 2018








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  3. Hi Fred, still interested in being involved albeit at a distance now, thinking of doing a BDS in integrative counselling via Middlesex as always funding is an issue, maybe we can update my info? Things have moved on a bit for me in the last 5-6 years…


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