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David Jennings

David Jennings WQ6

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WikiQuals Aim;

To accelerate the development of learning experiences that are open, flexible, quick, low-cost and allow learners a high degree of agency and control. I use the term Agile Learning as a shorthand to refer to such experiences, which typically (though not exclusively) uses learning resources and communication tools that are available on the Internet at little or no cost.

WikiQuals Activity;

Locating, reviewing and interrogating case studies of instances that fall within the Agile Learning definition (which is subject to review in the light of experience).

Articulating and testing ideas about Agile Learning with

  • peers in the education and learning technology field (including advisers and theorists);
  • practitioners in different fields of learning (school, workplace, community) and economic contexts (developed/developing world);
  • learners (the public).

This testing to be done through presentations, study groups and online discussions (social networks, blogs, forums and email lists).

WikiQuals Publications;

Wiki Quals Support;

Mentoring and collaborators.

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  1. Hi David.

    I would love to join you as appropriate regarding articulating and testing ideas about Agile Learning

    Ref – learners (the public) – I describe myself as a DIY e-learner (DIY because the “course content” that I’m choosing is not in courses set by other people – I’m simply using the Internet in order to learn – so it’s more DIY.)

    Originally my “DIY course content” was very top-down i.e. me going to read the websites of key players, experts, policy makers, researchers. I soon rejected that in favour of stuff that was more closely connected to my practical work and more dynamic – listserves, yahoo groups, online communities of practice, people who would advise/mentor me via emails and/or Instant messaging, and so on.

    Ref practitioners in different fields of learning – I fit there too in the context of “… (… community) and economic contexts (developed/developing world)” . The “locations” for my practical work are several locations in Africa, several location in South London, and several online spaces.

    Ref- peers in the education and learning technology field (including advisers and theorists);- I’ve been connected with education and learning technology, on and off, since the early ’80s and the first micro-computers in schools (though back then I was publishing under the name of Pamela Fiddy).

    Your WikiQuals aim is dear to my heart – How can I help you to accelerate its achievement?


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