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Background; WikiQuals is a project testing ways of using the post-hoc accreditation of learning activities as a way of replacing high-stakes assessment in education systems with various self-determined learning projects. WikiQuals is based on the Emergent Learning Model and is part of a process to test the “formal” part of the model, concerning post-hoc accreditation. It also relates to the Ambient Learning City project which is focussing on new forms of organising the social processes of learning and testing, both of which are based on the Open Context Model of Learning by Learner-Generated Contexts. This is discussed in detail on the Heutagogic Archives blog and best viewed on the Craft of Teaching 2011 slides. Ambient Learning City (Manchester) also produced Aggregate then Curate a social media model participation model we continue to develop.

History; The actual WikiQuals project came about when a group of UCL graduates asked me @fredgarnett in the Spring of 2011 to design a Masters level learning programme for when they graduated in 2011. We agreed to use the University Project weekend at Hub Westminster in October 2011 to plan the programme based on these ideas/discussions. At the Workshops Vlad  Atanasiu from Bucharest CROS – Centrul de Resurse pentru Organizatii Studentesti was very keen on setting up a WikiQuals project in Rumania; which is now actively being developed for 2012/13.  From the University Project workshops a Ph.D WikiQuals group came together which was launched on December 21st 2011 with our first 8 Sqolars. Newest recruit is WQ13 Madeleine O’Beirne and Oana Harabagiu in Romania (Eylan Ezekiel intends to join). I continue to working with all Sqolars to clarify their aims and ambitions and how they can be supported by our evolving concepts as Affinity Partners.

Blog; We have now uploaded a series of blog posts developing the WikiQuals idea practically. The WikiQuals proposition,  Show and Tell as an assured learning process, the WikiQualsPh.D and more on post-hoc accreditation processes. We have completed the first year of WikiQuals, which was 2012 effectively (see First Annual report). We will use the About section to update the publishing schedule for the blog and provide info about our first group of Sqolars and Affinity Partners (previously we called them JourneyMen and JourneyWomen after the medieval guilds names).

See also CROSQuals based on work in Bucharest with CROS February 2012 who will adopt the WikiQuals model and with whom we wrote the paper on Social Media Learning Models.

Wikimania & Wikipedia; After being invited by MakeSense we ran a workshop on WikiQuals at WikiMania 2014 at the Barbican in London and then gave a keynote talk at MakeSense Bruxelles in Spetember 2014 on Build The Society That Pleases You Most – which could be the WikiQuals motto!

TechCamp2015; is a project looking at how we can develop digital skills in unemployed youngsters that will get them jobs in Tech City & the new creative and media companies. We are examining both formal qualifications with ASDAN and informal qualifications with WikiQuals.

First Annual Report; Completed as slides which can be viewed here,

Last Blog post; Building Democratic Learning; posted October 1st 2012, updated July 2013

Next Blog Post; #myHeutagogy June 2014 (See also Social Media Learning Models)

Last Page Update; Newsletter updated June 7th 2013 WikiQuals Sqolars updated June 4th 2014

Last Activity; A comparison of the social media learning models of CROS & WikiQuals April 2013

Newest WikiSqolar; Madeleine O’Beirne (working on the next Heutagogy book) January 25th 2014, Oana Harabagiu in Romania working on Geography & Culture summer 2014, Flori Coceanu Gamification June 2014

Follow us on Facebook; WikiQuals Facebook page

This Page Last Updated; March 2015;


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