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Oliver Ashton

Oliver Ashton WQ11

Personal Information ; Oli is a solutions architect and project manager working across a range of digital innovation for NFC mobile, online banking,  p2p networks, digital marketing, collaborative consumption and creativity learning tools. Once a movie maker Oli  worked in iGaming developing the first live Interactive Television Programs for WEB and mobile.  Oliver Ashton   Oli stills continues as a practicing photographer and contemporary artist turning digital network concepts into visual media  Oliver Ashton Art

WikiQuals Aim; To develop p2p economy solutions through inter-networks of private personal accounts for banking and transactions. Developing persuasive arguments for financial structural change through social government charters. Searching for network solutions to  financial crisis and international debt. See the solution for Ireland, Transaction Economy Ireland.

Key Challenge: To create practical solutions for digital government and enterprise to change the world through transaction networks See; Mobile Transaction Economy Peerpay and Thunderbank

Key headings: Citizen Accounts for transaction banking, Identity Economics for Financial Architectural, Chartering Participation for Social Environmental Economics See: Digital Identity Bank

Key Phrases: Changing the Constitution One Transaction at a Time. All’s Well That Develops Well.

WikiQuals Activity;  Involved with Transtion Town Stoke Newington resilient economy group, Guinness South Social Housing Association for local environmental change in the community, Clapton.

WikiQuals Publications; Currently being published on Ollie’s blog A new Economy for Ireland, Transition Transaction, Mobile Transaction Economy, Digital Identity Bank.

WikiQuals Support; Will be provided by “affinity partner” by PeerPayMe collaborator Fred Garnett


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