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Tony Hall

Tony Hall WQ9

The iPhone as Post-modern University; Tony is a photographer who, in his practice, has always used photography as a metaphor for learning. Now he walks around with his iPhone photographing and posting to the web as his way of engaging with the world and others.

The Centre for Creative Collaboration; Tony has posted his work on the walls for some months at the centre for creative collaboration and is evolving his thinking based on the learning conversations he held there.

The Convivial Camera;  the book I began constructing last year at the Centre for Creative Collaboration has a QR Code and a web site that is the QR Code. The ‘iPhone ‘Edge’ University’ will probably become part of that book.

I use the ‘QR Code’ in relation to ideas around coding and encoding, representation, and in a metaphorical way. The book and probably my ‘thesis’ is about photography as a social practice. I’m still trying to find a way of ‘writing’ this book that I feel comfortable and confident about.

Writing Dialogically; Tony I think you should express your ideas in the way you are most comfortable with, consistent with your early discursive teaching practice, graphically and through constructed images. I can comment so we evolve the reflection and commentary through dialogue. I think your WikiQuals work should build on the practice you spent years developing.


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  1. Thanks for putting this here Fred. I want to finish the first version of the book by the end of May, when my project is due to end at the Centre for Creative Collaboration.

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