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Kate Faragher is owner of BeSpokeSkills Training Company, BeBrightProjects Nursery and Creative Thinking Centre and one of the founders of the Children’s Creative Community out-of-school club.

Kate is a TEDx speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach.  She works across many sectors including political, financial, innovative and creative sectors.  She is an avid learner and course junky!  She has practitioner status on Myers Briggs (MBTI1), NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming, EBW Emotional and Behaviours and Work, Executive Coaching, TFT Thought Field Therapy, Reiki.  She will have been a trainer for 20 years next year.

WikiQuals Aim;

My aim is to write a book wth the possibility of having it accredited at PhD level or leading onto a further PhD study.

The first draft of the Book is about “How I Learn”.  I will explain to the best of my knowledge the different ways that I have found that I learn through the lens of my experience.   I’m will also explore at the deepest level my learning style based on current understanding and research.

The reason I want to do a Wikiqual is I want to develop new thinking around topics rather than build on pre-existing ideas. I will however reference current thinking.

The outcome I want to achieve is a platform to discuss how we learn and therefore how education needs to develop and change to meet the needs of different learners.

WikiQuals Exploration 

My next steps are to write 6 chapters of how I learn:

  1. Working Memory.  How we listen in that immediate conscious perceptual moment when we process linguistics.
  2. Mirroring, empathy and synesthesias, how we connect as learners.
  3. Emotional notes and intelligent instinct. How we listen to ourselves to learn.
  4. Learning state, meditation and the ease and challenge of depth.  How our mental state affects our learning.
  5. Energy, learning and teaching. How to create the space for learning and understand the learning rhythm.
  6. How I’ve navigated high pressure, high intellect, high stakes environments and the skills I’ve created.

I may also write my call to action or I may wait for the second edit to do this as I need to work out what the best steps in my learning are as well as how this compares to other learners.

WikiQuals Activity;

I  worked with researcher, Imogen Slater who assessed and observed my methodology and delivery. We are exploring how I work and how I help various learners learn.

I have spoken to PhD student Marina Rova on her thesis “Kinaesthetic Empathy”

DYVzrTqX4AEW5vII have been part of Robert Clarke’s MASS project which explored fear, empathy and otherness. His performance was in March 2018.   For the record I didn’t find it very empathetic but hugely interesting and personally, rather disturbing.


I have been exploring 3D learning by reading about Serious Play and talking to Lego Wiki qual questionsSerious Play practitioners.

I have been using 3D facilitation with various clients and monitoring its success.

WikiQuals Publications;

Aim to complete a first draft by end of July 2018 and highlight the challenges to rewrite the second edit.  I want to do a final draft by October 2018.

WikiQuals Support;

I intend to work closely with Fred Garnett as an affinity partner.

The way in 

My McGuffin or trigger to write this first draft will be to truthfully share how I learn.  It will include my experience of learning, my understanding of how I learn and my curiosity about what is “true” and what could be “belief”


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