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Personal Information; See Pamela’s DadaMac Page

WikiQuals Aim;

To explore and map “The Landscape of Change” in a way that is helpful for “all of us” who are faced by rapidly changing times and high levels of uncertainty. I want to take something which is just a way that I look at things, and make it into something that I can share with others in a way that will enable us to to find our way more easily. I believe that as we get more accustomed to recognising fellow travellers, explorers, pioneers, settlers, refugees etc, and we become more effective at sharing our experiences and explorations of this strange, changing world, so we will get better at recognising opportunities to travel in the same directions for a while helping each other along the way.

I’m not particularly interested in accreditation at the moment although I may change my mind on that (and certainly at various stages in my work I have wanted to check how what I do compares with some kind of recognised standard). I’m more interested in having a “space” where it is appropriate to be exploring things in theory – to be reflecting on practical work, recognising patterns and drawing conclusions.

WikiQuals Activity

I’ll draw mainly on practical projects that I am currently involved in, or was previously involved in. I think I’ll start with some kind of spread sheet, so I can see what headings emerge, and so that I can reorder things easily. That would be a useful starting point if the end point was going to be a pattern language approach to expressing/sharing the Landscape of Change. I don’t know if it will be. It might be more appropriate to share it in other forms – not text, but pictures, songs etc – I think of lots of ways  of expressing things that I can’t do, that would probably be more effective – perhaps I might interest others in doing that…. if I can first find a way of  shared the ideas with them effectively.

I’m starting off by making a spread sheet of relevant “field work” I have done.

WikiQuals Publications;

No idea yet what form the finished thing will take (see activity notes)


To be defined.

To begin with the support is simply the idea of exploring these ideas in the context of a wikiqual. This means I have the hope/expectation of having a learning affiliate who will be interested in the Landscape of Change as a work in progress, so that I can explore the ideas without needing to decide “the right starting place” for what I write. It is okay to be simply gathering stuff together ready to look it over and shape it up in some way.


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  1. This comment is evidence of my good intentions – and current incompetence – as a wikiquals sqolar. I decided I shouldn’t go to Unplugged again until I had started to put something on my sqolar page. So here I am on the wikiquals site – but I’ve failed to begin as I can’t see where I log in.

    Oh well. I’ll look at the headings and consider my responses. I’ll also discover if this is a route to getting help, or if a tweet to Fred would be better.

    Hmm – I wanted to tick the box for “notify me of follow-up comments by email” – but it seems to be greyed out. I wonder why that happened. Something else to learn.

  2. Hmm – Progress. Slow – but progress. In order to post the comment I logged in with wordpress and that seems to have opened up the way for me to get deeper into the wikiquals site.

  3. Thanks Fred.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “If you log-in with this email” – but I appreciate the quick reply, and somehow I had got in, and have made some progress. (at least I thought I had – but what I wrote for my wikiquals page is not visible so I guess it wasn’t saved properly, bother, more wasted time and painful learning curve.)

    For now I won’t log out. If I do have to log out and can’t get in again then I’ll leave it until the, 19th. My main work now (following what I thought I’d written on my wikiquals page) is a google spreadsheet I’ve started of “relevant field work”. That alone could take all the wikiquals time I have for this week.

    Yes please. let’s agree a time to meet and review progress on June 19th – what suits you? After Unplugged?

  4. Good start, Pam, and a very stimulating conversation today on the crazy/sane features of your Landscape of Change 🙂

  5. Thsnks Fred. I now feel properly started on my wikisqolarship. I’m still not too sure of my way around, but I’ve made a start and had a kind of “supervision” meeting.

    As I mentioned, I’m also collecting up some of my “relevant experiences and writing” on a google spreadsheet to serve as reference material. I’ll send you the link so you can see how its coming along . I’m doing this to share with you the process I’m using with you – not to ask you to plough through the content – which is a level of detail you don’t need, and is anyhow a rough and patchy work in progress.

    BTW I wrote this on the crazy-sane theme – Celebrating my crazy-sane friends and contacts – Guess i should add it to my spreadsheet..

    Thanks for the suggestion of connecting with Nigel on pattern language – and for other ideas, information and encouragement.


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