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List of WikiQuals Sqolars for 2014

Transparency; in line with the principle of transparency with our accreditation process here is our list of this years self-selected Sqolars on the WikiQualsPh.D. They each have a page that they will update with information about who they are and what they are learning. Planning comes first and then we discuss their aims.

Sqolarly Numbers;

WQ1 Rosie Rafferty  & Rosie’s LinkedIn Profile

WQ2 Bridget McKenzie  & Bridget’s About Me Blog

WQ3 Gavin Dykes  &  Gavin’s LinkedIn Profile

WQ4 Philippa Young  & Philippa’s LinkedIn Profile

WQ5 Nigel Ecclesfield  & Nigel’s LinkedIn Profile

WQ6 David Jennings  & David’s LinkedIn Profile & David’s thoughtful blog

WQ7 Mark Narayn;  & Mark’s LinkedIn Profile

WQ8 Kai Graf von Pahlen;  & Kai’s LinkedIn profile

WQ9 Tony Hall;  & Tony Hall on the Convivial Camera

WQ10 Lucy Johnson;  & Lucy Johnson’s LinkedIn Profile

WQ11 Oliver Ashton;  &  Oliver Ashton’s personal website

WQ12 Pamela McLean & Pamela McLean’s personal website

WQ13 Madeleine O’Beirne

WQ14 Kate Faragher

WQ15 David Ridge

WQ16 David Holloway

WQ17 Beth McCleave 

WQ – I1 Vijaya Bhanu Kote

WQ – A1 Timothy Scholze & Timothy Scholze’s blog & Timothy Scholze’s website

WQ – R1 Elena Dobre & Elena Dobre’s website

WQ – R2 Oana Harabagiu & Oana Harabagiu LinkedIn

WQ – R3 Coceanu Florentina Georgiana


These link to individual Sqolar pages. Bridget McKenzie’ & Philippa Young pages also have their QR code & URL.


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