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Heutagogy Teachers

An Introduction to WikiQuals for Teachers

World Heutagogy Day 2020

Overview; This will be based on the work by Vijaya Khanu Bate who has introduced Heutagogy for Primary School Teachers in Andhara Pradesh, India.

We will be developing the work originally developed with the use of thee PAH Continuum as described in the Craft of Teaching in 2011.

How Do We Green Our Teaching?
Following the work we did for World Heutagogy Day on How Do We Green Our Learning
we thought it was important to write a response for the Teachers;
First Heutagogy Teachers Book in India

Vijaya Khanu Bote at the publication of the first book on Heutagogy for Teachers

This page is currently a work-in-progress for World Heutagogy Day in 2020 on 26th September

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