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Learning Without Barriers


Blueprint for community learning groups

Learning Without Barriers provides a way to study at a Masters level or above, without prior qualification or course fees.  It provides a qualification and study framework that allows the learner to decide exactly where, when and what they want to study.  You set your own goals, learning aims and outcomes.  It offers the support of a learning group that meets once a month, where you can share your learning experience, obtain advice and set your short and long term goals.  Our online self-qualification site, WikiQuals, provides a site where you can present your learning objectives and present your work for peer review.

In brief:

• Members, or scholars, will determine their own subject, learning aims, content, study milestones and deadlines with their local open learning group.

• Any agreed costs will be shared equally between beneficiaries and kept to an absolute minimum.  Generally there are no costs.

• Scholars can choose a learning partner, an affinity partner as a critical friend. Meetings will be arranged by the learner and learning partner at their convenience, on or offline.  A time bank element is being considered to enable flexibility of learning partners.

• Scholars can also buy in or find expert advice (or supervision in PhD terminology). Advice on this is available.

• Skills course are available from Lewisham Southwark College and Morley College to support the learning.  Information and advice is available.

• WikiQuals offers a qualification platform where you can present and share your learning aims, work and results: Output and recording are self-determined and could be a written theses, portfolio, audio, video illustration etc.  Qualifications can be aligned with existing recognised university qualifications and work can be formatted and used to build learning credits with some universities.

• Monthly group meetings take place, alternating between morning and evening meetings: mornings at New Cross Learning, 283-285 New Cross Rd, London SE14 6AS and evenings at BeBright Training, 32 Kitto Rd, London SE14 5TY.

• New groups will be offered support to become established in other localities in libraries or similar public learning spaces.

• A contract with self and the leaning partner in regards to the subject, aims, content and milestones, along with the informal responsibilities to the group can be produced which would provide a more solid framework and motivational aid to the individual learner.

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