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Nigel Ecclesfield

Nigel Ecclesfield WQ5

Personal Information; See Nigel’s LinkedIn Profile

WikiQuals Aim; To move forward the discussion on “public value” and reclaim it for a networked collaborative world rather than a managerial and neo-conservative one. In doing so I will test and explore my own ideas and those of others working in a similar vein such as Ben Fine and Dan Hinds along with my fellow Sqolars. To write a book on nPV (networked Public Value) by the end of 2012 setting out the case for the public determination of public value and a democratic means of arriving at public views and consensus without recourse to violence.

I’ve recently been much taken with Tess Lea’s “Bureaucrats and Bleeding Hearts“, which is a great start to challenging the motives and actions of public services that believe they act in the name of their publics while changing little except the nature of their justifications for failing to tackle the issues they were established to engage with. Integrating her analysis with others noted above will be a good place for me to begin 2012.

WikiQuals Activity; I will  be writing in the blog updating the ideas pulled together in Public Value 2011.

Writing and publishing on education, technology, learning and teaching, textual analysis with collaborators such as Fred Garnett, Geoff Rebbeck and David Morris. Developing ideas for inclusive and participative public services including education.

WikiQuals Publications; List to follow, but will include a book – “Say yes to the publics!” & “Mondragon not Dragon’s Den”

Wiki Quals Support; Reviewing materials and working on issues of joint interest with other sqolars, joint activity and exploration of the meaning of publics, education and learning. Including potential Journeyman Fred Garnett, Geoff Rebbeck and David Morris.


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